• A. F. Efendiyeva Baku Slavic University


Abstract. The article discusses the features of the strategy for the dynamic development of relations in the field of art of Azerbaijan and Ukraine. The successes of cooperation in the field of art, the further development of bilateral humanitarian ties, which served as a vivid example of strategic partnership between the republics in the new century, are noted. Bilateral and multilateral events are currently under way. States are trying to demonstrate the ideas of "equality" and "brotherhood" among themselves. Cultural ties between Ukraine and Azerbaijan are being carried out. Cultural ties with the two countries are subordinated primarily to political goals. It should be noted that historically, the Azerbaijani people have had extensive international relations. The rich culture of the Azerbaijani people also attracted various states. The effective development of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani cultural ties in the modern period is a clear demonstration of the construction of the foreign policy of both states in accordance with the requirements of the time. Monitoring the development of humanitarian relations in this aspect has a certain political science relevance. A humanitarian policy in the context of bilateral cooperation of states in the context of globalization requires constant updating of the form and content of relations in this area of international relations. Therefore, both in Azerbaijan and Ukraine, new short-term and long-term projects are constantly being developed, agreements and cooperation agreements are concluded for the further development of relations between the two countries in various fields of the humanitarian sphere.
Keywords: Azerbaijan, Ukraine, art, music, international relations, twin cities

Author Biography

A. F. Efendiyeva , Baku Slavic University

Post-graduate student of the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy 

Докторант кафедри Дипломатії і зовнішньої політики 

Докторант кафедры Дипломатии и внешней политики