Perspectives System Transformation and Development Issues

  • Olga Nosova VNKarazin Kharkiv National University


The article aims to study and analyzes the political and social –economic changes in

the process of system transformation. The paper represents an attempt to understand the content of system transformation, causes of successful and inefficient practices, and proposes recommendations for its improvement.

The hypothesis of the study is to estimate how the vector development depends on the degree of economic, political, social transformation, as well as the overall indicators (market and democratic) transformation. The study discusses the concepts systemic transformation, describes types of transformation, proposes classification of basic approaches, determines the impact of transformational changes on economic growth in a country, and analyzes the vector development relationship from transformational changes, defines contributing and slowing down factors.

Keywords: System transformation, transformational change, economic development, interdisciplinary approach.

Author Biography

Olga Nosova, VNKarazin Kharkiv National University

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Department of Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship.