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  • N Ivkova Kiev National University of Trade and Economic


Abstract. In this article is analyzed the level of intra-industry trade with Ukraine, the latest publications and the substantiated purpose and methodology of work are investigated. The issue of intra-industry trade of Ukraine and the EU as a factor of the effectiveness of
Актуальні проблеми міжнародних відносин. Випуск 136. 2018. .
integration was examined. Calculations of the total quantity and value of a number of imported and exported goods of Ukraine for January-September of 2017 were made; calculated the index of mutual trade of certain goods, which characterizes the level of intra-industry trade between the investigated objects. As a result, a comparative analysis of the Grubel-Lloyd index of goods of certain groups was carried out, and prospective and decadent groups were identified. It is stressed that the Ukrainian producer actively cooperates with the EU in certain industries, but trade in some of the studied product groups is in active development. In the end, an understanding of the prospects and current problems of Ukraine's integration into trade with the countries of the European Union was presented. There is a conclusion that, as of 2017, the dynamics of growth of the index of intra-industry trade between Ukraine and the EU is positive for 60% of goods and for others 40% is negative or more stable.
Key-words: Grubel-Lloyd index, trade, goods, import, export, international trade, intra trade.

Author Biographies

O Shnirkov, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations
N Ivkova, Kiev National University of Trade and Economic
Student of the 3rd year of group 5 of the faculty of international trade and law



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