• V Yakubovsky Institute of International Relations, Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv


Abstract. АThe article is devoted to analysis of new edition of European Valuation Standards
EVS–2016 and the interrelation with European Legislative and Normative basis. Reviewed
are structure and content of so called “Blue Book” of EVS–2016 standards issued by The European
Group of Valuer’s Associations (TEGoVA) which are enforced from 01 June 2016. Underlined
is the fact that these standards are highly structured and include not only five basic
valuation standards but also some sets of supporting documents such as Guidance Notes and
Technical Documents.
Close interrelation of TEGoVA’s standards with European legislation is demonstrated and
analyzed as one of the important and specific their peculiarity in comparison with other international
valuation standards. This is specially marked by the fact that standards itself are already
included into several European Directives and Regulation of mandatory character. This remarkably
increase role and significance of EVS–2016 standards both for international and domestic
valuation practice and should be closely considered during process of actualization of
national property valuation standards.
Key words: valuation, property, assets, European legislation, national standards, valuation
standards, guidance notes, technical documents.

Author Biography

V Yakubovsky, Institute of International Relations, Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv
Doctor of Science, Professor at the Department of International Business



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