• Oleksiy I. Stupnytskyy Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • Vlad Genin Silicon Valley Campus, University of Phoenix


The necessity of using innovative social technologies, and explores the concept of social entrepreneurship, which is parsed as a form of social innovations. It analyzes the concept of «social entrepreneurship» as a relatively new specific type of enterprise, and its differences from commercial entrepreneurship. It proves, that today in terms of the new model of economic development the social entrepreneurship allows, first of all, to carry out efficient change of social relations and management systems, for the sake of the growth of sociopolitical accessibility of marginalized groups to resources for provision of more qualitative satisfaction of the needs and participation in political processes; and, secondly, to save communicative integrity of social system due to the increase of social capital and possibility of choice for a social individual. It gives a characteristic of both “European” and “American” models of social entrepreneurship, as well as its peculiarities and differences. The provides the examples, how the most successful social entrepreneurs from the West contributed with the distribution of innovations, whose usefulness was rated so highly, that they were implemented on a national scale with the support of the state and business. Also, it analyzes current level of development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, the existing problems of creating favorable organizational, legal, economic and competitive conditions, organization and operation of different forms of social entrepreneurship, interaction between the state and public organizations, and maintenance of the development of social entrepreneurship in regions.

Author Biographies

Oleksiy I. Stupnytskyy, Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Ph.D. (economic sciences), Professor of the Department of International Business
Vlad Genin, Silicon Valley Campus, University of Phoenix
Ph.D. in Business Administration, Professor, Campus College Chair of the School of Business and IT, Bay Area


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