• V. O. Volga Financial expert, «Financial company № 1


Abstract. Further development of market credit relations of legal entities and financial-credit
institutions requires implementation of new MFI’s credit programs with active participation of
small business, banks and the state. The scheme of newly established legal entity, which anticipate
state guarantees granting by the state by the way of MFI’s activity improvement, is proposed.
The theoretical aspects of development of mechanism of microcrediting are in-process
specified, failings which hinder introduction of mechanism of microcrediting are certain; methodical approaches are grounded and it is developed suggestion in relation to the improvement
of organization of microcrediting of small business, the prospects of bank activity are certain at
the market of microcrediting. Mechanism of business self-regulation as one of forms of MFI’s
development management was analysed. Short and medium-term tasks of the voluntarily formed
business self-regulation organizations stimulation on a sectoral basis were identified with further
formalization through acceptance of the proper legislative acts. The indices of small and
medium sized business development are systematized and directions of statistical measurings improvement
related to SMB are proposed. Econometric models of the MFI’s effectiveness enabled
to confirm a hypothesis that institutional factors are influencing microcrediting SMB more
significantly comparing to financial factors. Developed structure of organizational-economic
mechanism of MFI’s microcrediting on the basis of introduction of model of prognostication of
requirement in microcredits and optimization of brief-case of the bank microcrediting, which
enables effectively to influence on the processes of development of small business and decrease
risks, related to microcrediting.
Key words: small and medium sized business, microcrediting, credit risk, credit rate, program
of microcrediting, barriers of small and medium sized business development.