• P. P. Yaremovych senior lecturer of «International Management» Kyiv Economics Institute of Management


Abstract. With the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, our
country has a real opportunity to ensure efficient movement of international trade flows, using
the transit potential of the national infrastructure, integrating it into the European transport
system. This integration can play an important role for the movement of international trade
flows, given the fact that in Ukraine there is an extensive network of international transport corridors,
including waterway such as the Dnieper, and direct access to the Black Sea.
The favorable geo-economic position of our country, the territory has always held transcontinental
trade routes, stimulates intense movement of international trade flows, a positive effect
on the development of the national economy. That is why today the great geopolitical and socioeconomic
importance for Ukraine should complete the accession to the European community,
the problem of heavy traffic unhindered international trade flows both in our country and the EU.
Development of infrastructure facilities become the response of the international community
to the challenge fundamental phenomena and processes in the production and trade in different
continents. These processes are objective and global. Its generate the new state of the world
trade system and the international division of labor, affecting the establishment and functioning
of the global financial system. During the last 30 years, design a unified planetary transport and
logistics system based on the integration of continental transportation and logistics communications
of strategic importance in providing freight and passenger traffic between Europe and
Asia, Asia and America, Europe and Africa matured conceptually. The focus was at the Europe-
Asia direction. This is due to the fact that between the poles of the Western European and Asia-
Pacific reaches vast area of over 3 billion population which today are deployed major events in
international trade.

Key words: international trade flows, infrastructure maintenance, movement, European integration.

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P. P. Yaremovych, senior lecturer of «International Management» Kyiv Economics Institute of Management